Be patient with your Doctor

Our doctors are facing a battle that is not known to many. Even if it is known, we tend to look the other way. The most important thing right now is that we need a change of perspective towards doctors. They are going through tremendous physical, mental, and in some cases, financial struggles too. Doctors have a higher chance of contracting any infectious disease than the normal population. Even having poor resources, they are toiling hard day and night to save lives in the time of corona. Most of the doctors have to perform their duties at hospitals which usually lack even the basic facilities like drinking water, clean toilets, and maintenance staff. During the corona times, the doctors were seen performing most of the duties apart from their designated role as doctors such as feeding the patients, cleaning the ward, etc. This is not stated to demean the other health workers, but a reality on the field. Medical interns were forced to perform these duties because of a lack of facilit…

JNU, Deepika and 5 Crores

(Absurd Placard Defaming Hinduism at Anti CAA Protest)
  JNU is the well-known university in India not for its educational accomplishments but because it is the hotbed of leftist politics in India. 4-5 lakh of rupees per student per year is spent by the government on its students which comes from the pockets of honest taxpayers of the country. While the usefulness of their Ph.D. and Mphil in subjects like "African studies" in the stream of humanities is debatable, almost every student spends around 8-10 years in the university. The student has to pay a negligible amount of fees for hostel and mess, has the independence to loiter around freely, and prefers being called a student rather than facing the realities and responsibilities of life. Some of the students at JNU work as freelance protestors, just give them a placard, a candle, and a cup of tea or cigarette and they are good to go without even knowing what they are protesting for. They fight for the constitution and freed…

PETA- People Eating Tasty Animals

Peta has been a center of controversy lately. Here are 10 reasons why PETA is an absolute hypocrite and useless organization.

1. In India, they have annual profits/ donations of around 8 crores out of which around 80% is spent only on staff salaries, plush offices, promotions, media, advertisements, protests, naked celebrities doing various protests, etc. A very little amount is actually spent on welfare and saving the lives of animals.
2. When I was in junior college, I had tried to fill out PETA volunteer form. In the form, they stated accepted only Vegans and Vegetarians. So, I wasn't able to apply as a volunteer and use my skills just because I used to eat eggs at that time. This means PETA suggests that Non-vegetarian people lose the right to take care of animals. Now I am happy that I never got associated with them.
3. They Euthanise 97% of the pet animals present in animal shelters under the name of compassion. Instead of saving these animals, they choose to literally kill the…

Praise China, Earn money

A few days Back Nidhi Razdan of NDTV announced that she would be quitting NDTV to join Harvard as an associate professor. It was a subject to ponder upon. How could a journalist who has no Ph.D. be appointed as an Associate Professor at such a reputed institute? Something was amiss. As a journalist, she has been so biased and "Anti-India". On several occasions, she can clearly be seen clenching her teeth when someone even praises India. Why could Harvard institute not hire any reputed journalist from their own country and instead chose a mediocre, journalist who fumbles during debates? The reason is that she is a perfect person to feed students of Harvard with Communist, Anti- India propaganda. Coming from a Kashmiri Hindu family she has never once spoken about the radical terrorism in the valley. She was regularly in touch with accounts of ISIS suspects who instigated Muslims to join anti CAA protests.(Ref.1) Harvard university has intimate ties with China or simply said is …

The Rise and Fall of Stand-up Comedy

A few years back, in 2005, there came on television an interesting show called "The Great Indian Laughter Challenge" on a channel called star one. It was an interesting new concept for Indians. In a country where most people work throughout the day in a tiring atmosphere, look up to the television for some light-hearted entertainment after returning home. This was a refreshing new take, stand up comedians giving you moments of laughter after an entire day of traffic jam, office screens, public transport, and whatnot. Thus, this new format gained immediate popularity. Those comedians actually worked hard on their scripts. Each one of them had their own style, some were mimics while others used the poetry form of comedy. The first two seasons were very successful and received the highest audience ratings. The only names I remember are Sunil Pal, Raju Srivastava, and Kapil Sharma from that show. Later they became quite famous and even got to appear in movies. Later this form o…

The Tragedy of Family Entertainment

For the past few days, I have been struggling. Struggling to find something entertaining on television. Yes, there are plenty of shows, we have even subscribed to Amazon Prime. Also, we have unlimited data to spend every day. But Alas ! the tragedy is that I cannot find something entertaining that my entire family can watch with me. Now I understand why people like Rohit Shetty marketed their films as "family films". Whenever I start the television the only thing that I can watch with my family is the news.

Most of the movies shown on television are either already seen by us, are not at all entertaining or completely out of the world, and unrelatable. When I start watching a sci-fi movie or a superhero movie or an animated movie, my parents instantly start protesting. They say those are for "kids". That is complete madness, look at those crazy people they say. It is neither possible to watch films supposedly meant for people our age nor the ones meant for kids. Wh…

An Elephant Outrage

Day 1 Pregnant Elephant, let's name her Vinayaki was searching for food in a town(un-named for now) close to the jungle. She found pineapple and being extremely hungry, decided to eat it without a second thought. To her surprise found it to be laden with explosives. She was totally taken aback by this sudden malice. The explosives burst into her mouth and trunk leaving deleterious effect. An injury that left a mark not only on her body but something within her broke. Her spirit.
Day 2:Vinayaki was restless. She could not eat anything nor drink water. She entered a lake to relieve the pain which was becoming unbearable. Meanwhile, the locals noticed her and contacted the forest department.
Day 3: The forest department visited and in a vain attempt tried to save her. They were unable to even provide her a little comfort during the last few moments of her life due to a lack of resources. Vinaya died as her jaw was broken and she could not even drink water. She died in the lake in stand…